We work closely with our customers to design financial products and institutions from idea to execution. We help customers with product specifications, technology architecture, testing and deployment. We continue working with our customers after launch to continue innovating. 


Project definition






Live Beta


Public launch

Project definition

Our teams of specialists in all aspects of financial technology work together with our customers to understand the goals to be achieved by offering financial products and help design a strategy and project roadmap.

Project Kickoff

After the project has been defined Backbone will work with our customers to establish timelines, key people and deliverables and responsibilities and get to work. 


In this stage the team that is assigned to the customer will begin to run all internal tests and make all tweaks and changes necessary to get ready for a products launch with the security that the product is ready to be rolled out to users. At this stage the first product should be complete. 

Live Beta

The live Beta period will allow our customers to roll out to the product to a subset of users and that will help us understand how it’s being used, perceived and what needs to be added, taken away or altered in order to be fully market ready and attractive to users at scale. 


At this point our customers will go live with their new products and our teams will continue to work with them for the long term to create and deliver new innovations on an ongoing basis with minimum hassle and our ever evolving technology  infrastructure. 

Project types


We adapt to our client's required project type

Greenfield projects

Spin off or create a new fintech arm for your business from scratch. Leverage existing assets or start anew with an entirely new company. Our team of experts will work hand in hand with our customer from idea to deployment and beyond.

Modular replatforming

Upgrade your software stack as needed with our different modules, and use them as building blocks to create modern financial products without affecting existing customers. Start mirroring current systems and turn them off once it's ready.