Create new financial products with all their parameters and rules right in the UI. Simulate the products before launching. Connect your financial products to external systems such as payment methods and operational applications.

Transactional rule engine

Using our engine, your teams will be able to set up any kind of transaction decisioning factors through a friendly UI and have it respond in real time or have the decision sent to an agent’s decisioning inbox in our UI.

Dynamic and static controls

Establish limits on a user level, account level or transaction level. Get as granular as necessary.

Custom and Complex Business Logic

Configure rules and controls for transactions and financial products with as much complexity as needed for your business model. From credit card payments, to loans or crypto transactions.

Connect to payment networks

Connect to payment methods via our predefined connectors. Our system will forward payment instructions and receive data from incoming transactions to keep the ledger up to date. Just enter your credentials and you’re ready to go.

Prebuilt connectors

Connect to card schemas and other payment methods like SPEI with no code.

Custom conections

Connect your own payment instruments and use them as if they were natively built.

Design and deploy any kind of product

Define all the parameters and working definition of your financial products from our interface and the engine will take care of any rule and accounting process.

Define product from the UI

Set up commissions, tax rules, interest, penalties, limits and so much more.

Simulate performance

Try out different product definitions and simulate its performance over time.

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