Financial Crime Detection


Detect suspicious activities and behavior from your customers with comprehensive continuous monitoring. Speed up your compliance operations, minimize friction with your customers, stay clear of fines from regulators and evade financial crime.

Transactional monitoring

Detect suspicious activity with a wide range of alert scenarios on transactional data that minimize false negatives and false positives.

Pre-Built and Personalized Scenarios

Use pre-built rules, scenarios and risk models to get up and running quickly. Use common regulatory typologies or establish custom rules easily.

Testing, Calibration and Iteration

Run experiments with different rules and scenarios. Iterate to develop better models that minimize false positives and react to only relevant activity. Backtest models or run them in parallel to the models in production to learn how new changes would work.

Client risk engine

Configure the client risk models and risk matrix that align with your business model and applicable regulation. Generate automated risk evaluations with the periodicity needed to take timely  actions in your business.

Pre-built and Personalized Risk Factors

Use pre-built risk factors including those required by global AML and Fincrime standards or build your own risk factors, no matter how complex or unique they may be.

Controls and Automated Remediation

Automate the execution of remediation controls to reduce customer risk and fincrime risk.

Sanctions screening screenshot

Sanctions screening engine

Execute watchlist searches in the onboarding process or establish periodic search programs to monitor customers as an ongoing concern. Automate all search processes or execute manual searches when needed.

Use any watchlist provider on the market and create your own searchable lists

Use preloaded watchlists or integrate your own provider. Create personalized lists manually or programmatically.

Configure the most advanced matching algorithms with multiple parameters

Watchlists are cleaned and normalized in order to apply matching algorithms based on statistical and phonetic proximity.

Regulatory reporting

Automatically generate regulatory reports of  your specific Institution type and regulatory requirements and execute the corresponding reporting workflows. Have all the tools you need ready to go for managing Investigations and committee meetings to anonymous reporting lines.

Never Miss a Deadline

Configure alerts that remind the compliance team when regulatory reports are due so you can file on time and avoid fines.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Rest easy knowing that every action taken in the platform, every alert, dictamination and any report generated will have its unique and detailed audit trail.

Institutional risk assessment

Run Institutional risk assessment evaluations in accordance with the Risk Based Approach. Identify risk indicators, implement mitigation strategies and monitor residual risk.

Monitor trends and effectiveness of mitigation strategies

Visualize how risk is trending in your institution and evaluate how effective different mitigation strategies have been.

Operational Reports

Create reports of all risk evaluations for the right stakeholders.

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