App engine


Use our set of turn-key apps and customize them to fit your company's brand and unique customer experience. We'll take care of the devops and app management so you can focus on growth.

Build your own customer experience

Build your app right within our dashboard and leapfrog years of IT development and maintenance.

Just enough customization

All the controls that you need to customize the experience and branding without any additional complexity.

Prebuilt fintech components

Leverage our library of powerful fintech components to stand out from the competition.

Streamlined app management

Easily manage the publishing process in app stores or web and sign each app release with your business's app store keys. 

Mobile and web applications

Publish in the most popular app stores or to custom URLs for web applications.

Version control

Manage versions, A/B testing, rollbacks, and even targeted rollouts through a simple user interface.

Avoid stitching together vendors

Vetting, integrating and maintaining multiple vendors that weren't designed to work as a unified ecosystem is one of the biggest challenges for fintechs. We make sure that you don't have to experience this pain.

Apps are ready-to-run

Our app engine is connected to our core banking system, onboarding engine, payment gateways and even our fincrime back office so that you can run a fintech company by just turning on a switch.

Custom integrations

In case you have vendors already in place, we can integrate them to work with our app engine.

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