Onboarding and underwriting orchestrator


Create any verification flow for KYC, onboarding, and credit decisioning with drag and drop verification blocks and routing logic operators. No need to depend on development teams to implement changes. Integrate through a single API, and  start using any of our top-of-class integrations without writing a single line of code or going through extensive procurement procedures.

Best-in-class verifications

Use our extensive catalog of proprietary and partner verifications to include as a decisioning factor in any onboarding or underwriting flow.

All kinds of checks

Include biometric verifications, sanctions screening, official database lookups, anti-Spoofing detection and more.


Onboard individuals as well as businesses and other legal entities.

Maximize automatic decisions

Avoid hard-coding complex business logic or relying on manual revisions to decide on a loan application or onboarding approvals. Instead, implement that logic into our friendly UI to automate more  decisions.

Business logic for approvals, denials and manual decisions

Use our decisioning orchestrator to streamline operations for different teams in your company.

Your own underwriting policies

Credit decisions can be made using our pre-built models or implement your custom models right within the platform. Use those models as building blocks for decisioning processes.

Automated actions

Decisions don't stay within the platform, they can trigger actions on external systems or within the rest of backbone's ecosystem.

Prebuilt actions

Trigger out-of-the-box actions such as reporting the user, sending a welcome email or requesting an enhanced due diligence process.

Custom actions

Setup custom HTTP requests and establish business logic to handle the response.

Multiple interfaces for your use case

Start onboarding customers instantly without writing a single piece of code. Use our onboarding portal or customize the experience with our SDK or API integration. Any option is powered by the same engine and workflow tools.

No code portal

Get access to a custom link to a portal with custom branding or use our promoter portal for in-store onboardings. Great for companies that don’t have extensive development teams.

SDK or API integration

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